Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Wife

Leanne, my wife, has told me in very specific term not to use a photo of her on my blog. She tells me it's a "woman thing" and I just nod my head like I have been trained to do. Since I can't post a photo of her, I'd like you to meet Stella. 
Stella is a Brother PR-600II embroidery machine and man does this baby hum. She has 6 needles and has stitched over 22 million stitches in the last 2 years.
Just look at those needles! Gotta watch your fingers when they are moving. 

Leanne owns her own business which she calls Lighthouse Embroidery. She is a very clever and talented woman that makes really cool things from left-over designer fabrics. She makes headbands, pony tail holders, key fobs (whatever that is), and other fun stuff with Vera Bradley and Lilly Pulitzer fabrics. 
One of her top selling items is a travel mug stuffed with designer fabrics. All these cool items (and many more!) can be found on her web site (you can also find a photo of her there too). 


lifesignatures said...

I have one of those fobs! I love it. I really like the pictures of Stella.

Danny Douglas said...

Stella is a great model. She's very cooperative, not very talkative, and take direction like a try pro. We lover her.