Monday, September 22, 2008

The Flynn Wedding

On Saturday, September 6, Hurricane Hannah (or what was left) made it's way through Maryland. This was the same day I was asked to shoot a wedding. For most of the day it poured rain and the winds gusted up to 50 miles per hour. Not ideal conditions for an outdoor wedding but a large tent was set up in the back yard (which overlooked the Chesapeake Bay) to keep everyone dry. The day was taken in stride by the bride Kara and her husband Thomas. During the ceremony, Pastor suggested to the couple, "If God blesses you with children, and that child happens to be a girl, perhaps you would name her Hannah". 
Here is Kara being a good sport outside in the wind. 

The Bride and her girls moments before making their way to the tent. 

The Father of the Bride (Steve) walking Kara down the isle. 

The first kiss at the reception.

The mother of the groom crying during the "Mother/Son" dance. 

The bride and groom had a wonderful wedding and reception in spite of the weather conditions. Thank you Thomas and Kara for making me a part of your wedding day.


Sizzledowski said...

I didn't know you had a blog. Now I do.

Danny Douglas said...

Now that you know, keep coming back!

lifesignatures said...

I like the picture of the bride outside. Her smile said, "Even with the storm, nothing could ruin the beauty of my day."