Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mad Science

I took my daughter to a birthday party (it seems to be the season for them) where we were entertained by a Mad Scientist! The Mad Scientist showed the kids how to make a vortex, a polymer, gave them a ride on a hover craft, and showed them how to use Mom's finger nail polish remover as an explosive device. Basically, they gave the little kids the knowledge to blow up my home with common household products! MacGyver would be proud! (Note: for those who said "Who's MacGyver?", google for the answer.)

I take my camera to most birthday parties to capture the children in a very candid setting. I can be sitting far away with a zoom lens and get the most amazing images. Sometimes I'm not so far away and I can still get a great image. 

But my favorite images to capture are the ones with the parents and children. Can't ya just feel the love?

If you want a Mad Scientist for your party visit: (They were pretty cool!)

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lifesignatures said...

I LOVE this! The pics of mom and child. Beautiful.