Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December Photo Project - Day 9 - Visit with Santa

Tonight we made our annual trek to see Santa. We headed for the local Mall and when we got there, the man in red was on his dinner break (he needs to keep his jolly figure). So, the girls and I headed over to the brand new (open for 3 days) Cheesecake Factory to grab a bite to eat. The food was excellent (Note to Puna, I promise I will do extra cardio tomorrow to make up for the extra food I ate tonight). 
We walked back into the Mall in the direction of Santa and made a detour into the BEST store in the whole world. The Apple Store! If your a Mac fanatic you "get it", if your not, well, you are missing out. 
My girls had some leftover birthday cash stashed and they both wanted an iPod. Who am I to say no to such technological wonders? 
They got different colors so they would know who's is who's. (thank you)

On the way out, I noticed that the display Santa was sporting an iPhone. Santa rocks!
Next we stood in a very short line. Here the girls are sitting in the on deck circle. Look at the anticipation on those little faces. 
In the Santa Seat!
And what do you want for Christmas little girl?
Little girl 1: "A TV for our playroom!"
Little girl 2: "Everything!" (Oh, to be 6 years old again!)

Thanks Santa! There will be extra cookies waiting for you at our house. 


lifesignatures said...

What are the five most dreaded words in the English language? "I'm eating at Cheesecake Factory." I'm glad to be on your mind while you are eating cheesecake...

lifesignatures said...

And those girls are adorable...did you ask for will power from Santa?

The Spin Chick said...

yea yea, girls are cute... what did you have at CCF? I want every fattening detail!

Clare said...

Let me guess, Santa's new name for 2009 is "iSanta" Very cute though. Love the pictures.