Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December Photo Project - Day 23

My lovely wife got her very own Christmas Tree last year. This is her tree. Not the family tree. Hers. She decorates it the way she wants. It's a beautiful tree. 
She wanted to display her gorgeous ornaments like this one. It's "5 Golden Rings". Get it? 
Then there is this cute ornament that reminds her of her very own "heaven on earth". It's from Jekyll Island, GA. The perfect vacation spot for someone who loves the beach but not the crowds.  
Then there is the family tree with all of Dad's Hallmark ornaments that he has collected over the years. Hey, every tree deserves a little pop culture and nothing says pop culture like Luke Skywalker and Barbie!

I'm sure that Superman has had enough of the Christmas rush and is flying south to Jekyll Island. Up, up, and away!


Contolled Chaos said...

Have a wonderful Christmas!

lifesignatures said...

Danny, did you get your machine up and running?