Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Days

Today was a good hair day for my oldest and she wanted me to take her picture. So this afternoon we ventured to a couple of local beaches and the results are posted here in this blog. I love the photo above. Look at those blue eyes! Beautiful.  

I did learn something new today. I usually shoot in a RAW format (translation Larger File size and information with each image) when out in the field and today was no exception. Well, we were in a hurry to get some of these printed and went to the local photo center. I popped in my compact flash card and "No Images Found" appeared. Holy Crap! There were some really great images (i thought). I returned home defeated, thinking I had lost everything we did. I popped the compact flash card in my computer and ALL the images appeared. After some thought and a "google" search, I discovered that the local photo center can not read a RAW format, they need a JPEG. So, we copied JPEG versions onto a CD-ROM and heading back to get our prints made. This made for a very happy girl. 

If you have a child you would like photographed (high school seniors, toddlers, football players, etc.), and live in the Washington, DC area, please contact me at