Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Bowling Family

I met the Bowlings a few years ago when I was the soccer coach for their middle son. Since then, I have taken several photos of their daughter Amy but was never able to get the family to sit still for their family portrait. Until now.
I arrived early and started taking pictures of the boys (the girls were still getting "dolled up"). Above is the youngest son. He wanted to sit on the very LARGE pumpkins in the front yard. 
This is the middle son. The soccer player and over all great kid. 
Dad was ready early so he hammed it up with the boys. 
Here is Amy. She is a natural around the camera. 
Another shot of the boys in the backyard. By this time they (the kids) had had enough of me and they went off to play with their friends. The parents on the other hand...
...wanted to take some picture of "just them". How long has it been since you took a picture with just your spouse? I don't know what John said by it must have been really funny. 
John and Caroline took me on a tour of their (very large) back yard and this was one of the last photos we took during our session. I think it is my very favorite. What do you think? Thank you Bowling family for letting me be a part of your life and capturing these memories for you.  

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